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Excellent Pressure Resistant Stainless Spring Wire

Stainless Spring Wire

  • Standard: DIN17223-1-1984, EN10270-1, ASTM-A227, GB4357-89.
  • Materials: commonly SS301, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.
  • Wire diameter: 0.8 - 5mm.


  1. Good flexibility, good elasticity, high tensile strength.
  2. High ductility, high hardness.
  3. Good heat resistance.
  4. Excellent pressure resistance.
  5. Beautiful surface.


  1. Used in making bicycle settings, car devices, home appliances.
  2. Used in crafts making.
  3. Used to make spring.
  4. Used as parts in electronic products.

Our products are available in various sizes and lengths according to you requirement.

There is a stainless spring wire in coiled form.

Stainless steel spring wire is characterized by anti-corrosion and good flexibility.

There are many coils of stainless steel spring wire.

Stainless steel spring wire is widely applied in spring making.

There are four stainless steel springs on white background.

Stainless steel spring has good corrosion resistant performance.

There is a black stainless spring.

Stainless steel spring has excellent pressure resistant performance

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