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Cotton Bale Wire for Baling Cotton, Cardboard, Foams

Quick link bale tie wire is also named cotton bale wires, tire bale wire.

  • Materials: steel wire, low or high carbon steel wire.
  • Surface treatments: mainly galvanized or phosphate finish.
  • Types: galvanized cotton bale wire, phosphated quick link bale tie, annealed tire bale wire.
  • Wire diameter:1.8mm - 4.0mm.
  • Wire gauge: 8 - 15 gauge.
  • Length: 2.1m - 4.5m.
  • Tensile strength: 1400 - 1770 N/mm2
  • Breaking Load at loop: 975 to 1050 kg.
Several black phosphated quick link bale ties on gray background.

Black phosphated quick link bale is very suitable when heavy task is needed.


  1. Economical.
  2. Durable, good abrasion resistant.
  3. Fit for heavy task.
  4. Simple operation, fast tying, suitable for hand tying and automated systems.
  5. Galvanized cotton bale wire is characterized by good corrosion resistance, high toughness and high elongation.
  6. Annealed cotton bale wire has excellent flexibility, good softness, high tensile strength.
  7. Phosphated quick link bale wire is suitable for heavy weight packaging.


  1. Used for binding foams, cotton, wool, fiber, old clothes.
  2. Used to bundle rubber, wood.
  3. Used in the recycling of waste papers, old books, cardboard, tires, scrap metal.
  4. Used to tie hay, wheat-straw.

Packing: wrapped with plastic bag or in coiled form, put on the wooden pallets. 100 - 200 Pieces/Bundle, 20 kg - 1000 kg/coil, 22 tons/20 ft container. Wire diameters and lengths can be made according to your needs.

A galvanized cotton bale tire wire with its two ends tied together.

Galvanized tire bale wire is widely used in the binding of wool, cotton, tires and scrap metal.

A bundle of hay tied with two cotton bale wires.

Quick link bale tie wires can be used to tie hays, wheat-straw.

A large sack filled with cotton tied with quick link bale tie wires.

Quick link bale tie wires can be used for tying cottons, cloths, fibers, etc.

Many waste tires packed with five quick link bale tie wires.

Quick link bale tie wires are widely used in the baling of waste tires, rubber.

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