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Single Loop Tie Wire and Double Loop Tie Wire

Loop tie wire also named loop wire, is a metal product designed for baling, available in various sizes and colors. We offer double loop tie wire and single loop tie wire.

Double loop tie wire also named bag tie wire.

  • Types: copper double loop tie wire, galvanized double loop tie wire, PVC coated double loop tie wire, stainless steel double loop tie wire, etc.
  • PVC coated color: green, blue, black, yellow, red, etc.
  • Wire diameter: 0.7 mm - 4 mm.
  • Length: from 4" - 24".
  • Features: good corrosion resistance, clean and convenient, unbreakable, durable and easily twist.


  1. Used as tie wires to bind bags and rebars.
  2. Used in the family garden to bind branches of plants.
  3. Applied in the farm to bundle twigs.

Method of application: use a kind of wire twister to tie the two ends of the double loop wire together.

Packing: plastic bags, cartons, trays packing. Usually 4" - 12" length 5000 per/bag, 14" - 24" length 2500 per/bag.

 A roll of galvanized double loop wire with a sample of it.

Galvanized bag closing wire has good anti-corrosion performance.

A bundle of green PVC double loop tie wire with a sample of it.

PVC double loop tie wire has good corrosion resistance performance, available in green, blue, yellow, red and black colors.

A roll of black annealed double loop tie wire.

Annealed double loop tie wire has good elasticity and flexibility, it is commonly used for binding and packaging.

A little bundle of copper double loop tie wire.

Copper double loop tie wire has the characteristics of high tensile strength and wear resistance.

A blue tie twister with several black double loop tie wires on light gray background.

In the process of binding we usually use a tie twister to make the loop tie wire work.

Use a tool to tie the two ends of the galvanized double loop tie wire together in order to tie rebar.

Galvanized steel double loop tie wire can bind rebar, which is very convenient.

A yellow PVC double loop tie wire tied on a bag with its two ends hold together.

PVC coated double loop tie wire can bundle bags.

Use a tool to tie the stainless steel double loop tie wire on a lath to fix the fence up.

Stainless steel double loop tie wire usually used in daily life.

Single loop tie wire

Several bundles of single loop tie wire on the ground.

Single loop tie wires can be delivered in the form of straight bundles.

Single loop tie wire is also named single loop bale ties, single loop bale wires, single loop baling wire.

  • Materials: black annealed wire, galvanized wire.
  • Surface treatment: commonly annealing, galvanizing, PVC coated.
  • Types: mainly divided into galvanized single loop bale ties, black annealed single loop bale ties, PVC coated double loop tie wire.
  • PVC Colors: black, green, yellow, etc.
  • Length: usually 2.4m - 7m.

Wire gauge: 11-15 gauge.

  • 11 gauge 62 Ties/Bundle.
  • 12 gauge 125 Ties/Bundle.
  • 13 gauge 125 Ties/Bundle.
  • 13 gauge 250 Ties/Bundle.
  • 14 gauge 125 Ties/Bundle.
  • 14 gauge 250 Ties/Bundle.
  • 15 gauge 500 Ties/Bundle.

Wire diameter and lengths can be made according to your needs.

Features: easy to bend and operate, good corrosion resistance, high working efficiency, fast tying, etc.


  1. Used to bind recycling corrugated cardboard material.
  2. In the use of recycling used clothing and rags.
  3. In the use of recycling scrap metal, such as aluminum and copper.


  1. Each bundle is wrapped with recyclable plastic bag, which can protect it from abrasion.
  2. All single loop tie wires have head bagged for protection.
  3. Products can be delivered in straight bundles or in coiled form.
  4. Pallet package can prevent the product from being damaged in the process of storage and transportation.
Five galvanized single loop tie wires under a light gray background.

Galvanized single bale ties have corrosion resistance, good toughness and elasticity.

There are four double loop tie wires in different colors, one is green PVC coated.

Double loop bale wires have many colors, especially PVC coated wires.

Several bundles of single loop tie wire packed in the plastic bags.

Single loop bale tie can be packed in the form of plastic packaging.

Many rolls of single loop tie wires in plastic bags stacked up on wooden pallets.

Single loop tie wire can be transported in roiled form on pallet.

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