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Product List of Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire is widely applied in the field of petroleum, electronics, medical and chemical products, military industry and nuclear power, etc.

Classified by surface treatment, galvanized iron wire can be mainly divided into electro galvanized wire and hot-dip galvanized wire.

Aluminum wire has good conductivity, widely used in mesh weaving, crafts and cables making.

Copper wire is a good conductor in chemical industry, medical instruments, building, also widely used in the daily life, such as crafts, brushes.

Through the process of thermal annealing, annealed wire get the property of excellent flexibility and softness, make baling more convenient.

PVC wire has excellent corrosion resistant performance, usually used to make crafts, hangers, mesh, fences, also used as tie wire in daily binding.

Rebar tie wire is designed for binding rebar, mainly made of annealed wire, widely used for tying reinforced steel bar in construction.

Quick link bale tie wire with high tensile strength is widely used for the baling of cotton, waste tires, cardboard, foams and hay, etc.

Loop tie wire is a kind of baling wire widely used in construction, family garden, farming, it also can be used to bind bags, cardboard, used clothing and scrap metal.

Straightened cut wire is widely used as rebar tie wire in construction, making handcrafts, and support commercial and residential ceilings.

U type wire is widely used as baling wire in construction, available in galvanized, annealed and PVC finish.

Stainless steel spring wire has good anti-corrosion performance, good elasticity and high tensile strength.

Our company can produce various high quality welding wires, such as Mig Wire, CO2 welding wire, alloy welding wire and flux Cored Wire.

Barbed wire has PVC coated finish, galvanized finish, is widely used in airport, highway, military, prison and private space.