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Copper Wire for Cables and Filter Screens

Copper Wire

  • Raw materials: hot-rolled copper.
  • Wire diameter: 0.25mm - 6mm.
  • Tensile strength: ≥315 Mpa.
  • Types: solid copper wire, insulated copper wire, stranded copper wire, tinned copper wire, brass wire.
  • Features: good electrical and thermal conductivity, high tensile strength, excellent ductility, etc.


  1. Widely used in mesh weaving, copper brush making, cables, filter screen.
  2. Used as communications wire, in telephone, TV, Internet, etc.
  3. Used in the chemical industry, medical instruments, building.
  4. Used for making crafts, decorations.
  5. Used in the ground electrical supplies.

Our products can be made and packed by your specific requirements.

There is a spool of copper wire with shiny surface.

Copper wire is widely used in electron, chemistry, construction and daily life.

A roll of solid copper wire on white background.

A good conductor widely used in cables, ground electrical supplies, etc.

There are three insulated copper wires on white background.

Insulated copper wire is very suitable when insulation is needed.

There is a stranded copper wire with white background.

Stranded copper wire is fit for substations, uninsulated hook ups, jumpers.

Three spools of tinned copper wires.

Tinned copper wires have excellent corrosion resistance performance.

Tinned Copper Wire

  • Gauges: 12 - 40 gauge.
  • Processing: plates a single or several twisted copper wires with a tin layer by electroplating or hot dip coating.
  • Features: excellent corrosion resistance.

Brass Wire

  • Gauges: 10 - 22 gauge.
  • Features:
    1. Contains 65% copper and 35% zinc.
    2. Non-magnetic, wear resistance, good ductility.
    3. Excellent abrasion resistant performance.
  • Applications:
    1. Used in decoration and jewelry making.
    2. Used in the mesh weaving, crafts making, etc.
    3. Used in the machinery and appliances.
There is a bracelet made of brass wire.

Brass wire can be used in making bracelets, which are artistic and beautiful.

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