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Annealed Tie Wire for Easy Baling

There is a coil of annealed wire on white background.

Annealed tie wire is a kind of baling wire used in farming, construction and daily life.

Annealed wire also named annealed tie wire, a kind of baling wire widely used in daily binding, mesh weaving, crafts making, etc.

  • Material: carbon steel wire.
  • Technique: thermal annealing.
  • Mechanism: Annealing is aimed at returning the ductility of wire which it had lost during drawing.
  • Production facility: annealing pot, annealing furnace.
  • Wire diameter: 0.71mm - 4.5mm.
  • Wire gauge: 7 - 22 gauge.
  • Types: black annealed Wire, bright annealed wire
  • Features: good softness and elasticity, high tensile strength, excellent ductility, etc.


  1. Used in mining, chemistry, machinery.
  2. Used in making mesh, crafts.
  3. Used to bundle rebar in construction.
  4. Used as tie wire in farm, garden and daily life.

Our annealed products can be painted with oil on the surface to prevent it from rusting and also can be further straightened and made into cut wire or U type wire according to your specific requirements.

Black annealed wire

There are three coils of black annealed wire.

Black annealed wire has excellent flexibility and softness performance.

Black annealed wire also named black annealed tie wire, a type of annealed wire applied in construction, industry and so on.

  • Materials: Iron wire or carbon steel wire.
  • Tensile strength: 30 - 50 kg/mm2.
  • Features: excellent flexibility and softness, high elongation.
  • Application:
    • Used in wire mesh weaving.
    • Used as baling wire in construction, industry, daily life.
    • Applied in agriculture, such as baling hay, branches.
    • Used for making handcrafts.
  • Packing: in coils or spools, 10-200 kg/coil, plastic bag inside and hessian/woven cloth outside.

Bright annealed wire

  • Bright annealed wire also named bright annealed tie wire.
  • Features: bright, smooth, beautiful.
There is a coil of bright annealed wire on the ground.

Bright annealed tie wire usually used to tie rebar in construction.

Many annealed wires packed with plastic bag in coiled form.

Annealed wire can be delivered in coiled form.

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